Flight of the Wig — New Album Out Now!!

FLIGHT OF THE WIG, the new full-length album from Psalm One is available now on Bandcamp! Fresh off the heels of the Don’t Get Lazy Now! EP, FLIGHT OF THE WIG pushes Psalm One’s firebrand vocal delivery to the forefront over production from Optiks, ICETEP, Bionik, Greg Grease and Daeski. Angel Davanport and SIMS of Doomtree MAKE GUEST appearANCES on two tracks.

Bandcamp Daily has named THE ALBUM one of the BEST HIP-HOP ALBUMS ON BANDCAMP in MAy 2019, NOTING THE ALBUM’S “smart barbs and quick-witted punchlines.”

1. Can't Beat That With An App (feat. SIMS)

2. Twerking4Feminists

3. Flight of the Wig

4. Nasty Jazz Hands

5. Ain't 2 Famous

6. The Impossible Lover

7. Rock & Roll McDonaldz

8. WWIV (feat. Angel Davanport)

9. I Got Time (incomplete)